by | Nov 29, 2021

If you book with a “DJ Company” Make sure you are getting an actual DJ. Sometimes they will collect your money then Pay someone else $50 an hour to come play some songs. Always demand to meet with the DJ and ask them these questions.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Bakersfield Wedding DJ

Planning your wedding in Bakersfield or the broader Kern County? Music sets the tone for your special day, and choosing the right DJ is crucial. At DJ Danny Hill, we believe in transparency and quality. Here are some vital questions to ensure your wedding DJ in Bakersfield can truly make your day memorable.

1. Experience Matters: Ask, “How long have you been a DJ?” At DJ Danny Hill, our DJs have over 5 years of experience, ensuring your wedding entertainment is in skilled hands.

2. Tailoring Your Playlist: It’s your day, your music. “Can you take requests?” Yes, we can! We tailor the playlist to your preferences, making sure your wedding soundtrack is uniquely yours.

3. Dressing for the Occasion: Presentation is key. “Will you be wearing formal attire?” Absolutely, our DJs dress to impress, reflecting the elegance of your Bakersfield wedding.

4. Master of Ceremonies: Smooth transitions are essential. “Can you emcee and announce the next event at the wedding?” Yes, our DJs are also seasoned emcees, ensuring your event flows seamlessly.

5. Skillful Mixing: “Can you mix tracks effectively?” Definitely. Our DJs are proficient with Serato and Virtual DJ, promising a lively and engaging musical experience.

6. Proven Track Record: “How many weddings have you performed at?” Our DJs have entertained at over 50 weddings, guaranteeing a seasoned professional for your big day.

7. See Us in Action: “Do you have any videos of you mixing at a wedding?” Yes, we provide visual proof of our expertise, so you know what to expect at your event.

8. Professional Equipment: “What software and hardware do you use?” We use industry-leading software like Serato and Virtual DJ, and our DJs perform on reliable MacBooks, ensuring no technical hitches.

9. Stay Connected: “What’s your social media?” Follow us at @DJDANNYHILL1 on Instagram to get a glimpse of our latest Bakersfield and Kern County wedding gigs and updates.

Choosing the right DJ for your Bakersfield wedding is crucial. At DJ Danny Hill, we’re committed to providing exceptional entertainment that makes your special day unforgettable. Get in touch to discuss how we can tailor our services for your wedding in Bakersfield or anywhere in Kern County.