by | Dec 13, 2021

Managing Wedding Celebrations Responsibly in Bakersfield and Kern County

While every wedding is a celebration of love and joy, ensuring that it remains a memorable event for all the right reasons is crucial, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. As your go-to wedding DJ in Bakersfield and Kern County, I’ve witnessed a spectrum of celebrations and learned a few lessons along the way. Here’s how to ensure your special day remains cherished, without the unintended drama.

Moderation is Key

While it’s not my place to dictate your drinking limits, experience has shown that moderation can prevent many a wedding mishap. From lost bridal party members to unintended scenes, a little restraint goes a long way. Remember, it’s not just about your consumption but also about setting the tone for your guests.

A Cautionary Tale

A wedding I DJed in Kaua’i, Hawaii, serves as a stark reminder. A bridal party from Montana started their festivities early, leading to delays and, ultimately, a series of unfortunate events involving the maid of honor. While the setting was different, the lesson remains the same for any celebration, including those in Bakersfield and Kern County: too much alcohol can lead to unintended consequences.

Tips for a Smooth Celebration

  1. Communicate Expectations: If you’re aware of potential issues with certain guests, a preemptive chat might be wise. Setting expectations can help maintain the celebratory atmosphere you desire.
  2. Provide Alternatives: Offering a range of non-alcoholic beverages and scheduling engaging activities can reduce the focus on drinking. Consider local Bakersfield favorites like craft sodas or a Kern County wine tasting segment with moderation in mind.
  3. Late-Night Snacks: Serving food later in the evening can help mitigate the effects of alcohol. Food trucks serving local Bakersfield delicacies can be a hit and a helpful sobering tool.
  4. Professional Staffing: Ensure your bar staff is professional and trained to handle situations discreetly. They can be invaluable in managing consumption and intervening when necessary.

Bakersfield and Kern County Weddings: A Local Perspective

Incorporating local elements, from the catering to the entertainment, can make your wedding uniquely Bakersfield. As your DJ, I’m here to adapt the music and mood to suit the tone you’ve set, ensuring your wedding is a celebration to remember for all the right reasons.

Your Wedding, Your Rules

Ultimately, the choice of how to manage your wedding celebrations is yours. Whether you opt for an open bar, a limited selection, or a dry wedding, the focus should remain on the joy and love the day represents. As your Bakersfield DJ, I’m committed to making your wedding soundtrack one that complements your perfect day, no matter how you choose to celebrate.