by | Dec 1, 2021

Crafting the Perfect Wedding Menu in Bakersfield and Kern County

Planning the catering for your Bakersfield wedding can be a delightful yet daunting task, especially when expecting a guest list that runs into the hundreds. At DJ Danny Hill, we understand the intricacies of hosting a memorable celebration in Central California, and we’re here to guide you through crafting a menu that satisfies, delights, and keeps the party going.

Serving the Main Meal: Keeping It Classic and Satisfying

When it comes to the main meal, simplicity is key. A well-rounded offering that includes a meat option, potatoes, a fresh salad, and bread rolls can cater to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences. For a touch of Bakersfield flair, consider local favorites like tri-tip steak or a farm-to-table salad that highlights Kern County’s rich agricultural produce.

Options to Consider:

  • Meat: Choose from crowd-pleasers like chicken, steak, or lamb, prepared in a style that reflects the local cuisine.
  • Potatoes: Offer a variety like mashed, baked, or scalloped potatoes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Salad: A basic salad with a selection of four dressings can accommodate various tastes.
  • Bread Rolls: A staple that complements any meal, ensuring your guests leave the table satisfied.

Late-Night Snacks: Sobering Up with Style

As the evening progresses and the spirits flow, introducing a late-night snack can be a game-changer. A Taco Truck rolling in at 9 PM is not just a trend; it’s a thoughtful way to ensure your guests are well-fed and ready to safely head home. Street tacos, hot dogs, and even a mobile pizza oven are popular choices that resonate well with the Bakersfield and Kern County wedding scene.

Sweet Endings: Don’t forget about dessert! An ice cream truck offering a selection of cool treats can be a delightful surprise for your guests, adding a sweet note to your special night.

Local Insights: Embracing Bakersfield and Kern County Traditions

Incorporating local cuisine and vendors not only supports the community but also gives your wedding an authentic Central California vibe. From sourcing ingredients from local farms to hiring neighborhood food trucks, these choices can make your wedding menu stand out and be remembered.

Your Wedding, Your Menu: Let DJ Danny Hill Set the Tone

As you finalize your wedding menu, remember that the right music and ambiance can enhance the dining experience. Whether it’s setting the mood during the main meal or keeping the energy high as the taco truck serves up late-night bites, DJ Danny Hill is here to ensure your wedding soundtrack perfectly complements every part of your celebration.

In summary, when planning your wedding menu in Bakersfield or Kern County, consider the balance of a satisfying main meal with the fun and practicality of late-night snacks. By keeping it simple, local, and thoughtful, you can ensure your guests have a fantastic culinary experience that enhances the joy and celebration of your special day.